Each exam season leaves unforgettable memories for Honda Hung Phat in the competition season relay campaigns.
In 2020, Honda Hung System will deploy test season relay at 8 test points in Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, and Quang Binh areas.
These days, the sun burned, Honda Hung Phat volunteers wore the sun, the wind team stood to give contestants each mask, each bottle of mineral water,
each hand fan and words of encouragement, good exam wishes. .
The 2020 high school graduation exam has many special things, the most special thing compared to the past years, this year the exam took place in the 
period of epidemic spread, medical masks, antiseptic hand sanitizer bottles. Honda Hung Phat has been prepared to minimize the spread of disease in the
Every exam comes like that, Honda Hung Phat volunteers just hope to see the smiles on your faces, the happiness of parents waiting for their children 
after the exam ...

Here are some pictures of Honda Hung Phat system relaying the exam season:




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