“Traffic safety for young smiles” program at Ben Thuy Primary School

Continuing a series of activities to guide school traffic safety, on August 31, 2018 Honda Hung Developing the program “Traffic Safety for a child’s smile” at Ben Thuy Primary School. meaning of Honda Hung Phat in order to equip students with traffic safety knowledge at the beginning of the new school year.

The program attracts more than 1000 students from grades 1 to 5 to participate and through the learning-playing program, they have acquired useful knowledge about the sense of obeying traffic laws. The program “Traffic safety for the young smiles” of Honda Hung Phat is aimed at primary school students, the age group preparing to join the traffic without the help of parents and adults.

The LXAT instructor of Honda Hung Phat organizes sample training sessions and games to practice traffic safety knowledge at selected schools according to the region, helping the children feel excited when receiving traffic safety knowledge. .

The highlight of the program is the basic knowledge that helps children participate in traffic safely, such as instructing them how to walk, cross the street, how to ride a bicycle, the MBH team properly, sit on a motorcycle, or a bike. safe and predictive pedals, cars to prevent dangerous situations that may occur on the road …

After that, students will practice the knowledge they have learned through lively games such as: questions and answers on traffic safety knowledge and “Real traffic experience”. At the “Real Traffic Experience” yard designed in a mixed traffic model, under the guidance of LXAT instructors, students will practice MBH properly and participate in safe traffic by bike. This is an effective method of fun and learning, helping children know how to protect themselves when in traffic with many other vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles …

Also during this training and knowledge exchange session, staff and teachers were also introduced by Honda Hung Phat’s instructors about the actual traffic situation in Vietnam, the importance of traffic safety training in the community. especially for children and the basic knowledge to participate in safe traffic. After attending the refresher course, teachers will become the nucleus to implement traffic safety education activities for students at their schools.

Besides business activities, Honda Hung Phat always wants to bring good values to the community.





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