Timezone – Play area not to be missed for young people and families

Timezone Vietnam created a great attraction when officially landed City HUB. This is the only branch of this system in Vinh city.
On the first day of its grand opening, Timezone welcomed thousands of visitors to visit and experience.
“The more you go, the more you go, the racing, basketball, and arcade games you play all day here won’t run out all the games”, Ms. Trang Minh shared her surprise when entering Timezone. Her son could not hide his excitement: “This is just going to play games, so many games, Mom”.

Located on the 3rd floor of the commercial center, the space is designed with a fresh, modern style with a series of high-tech entertainment games serving all ages.

The center is equipped with 90 gaming machines imported from the US, Japan and Australia; Ensure international standards, adhere to strict rules of safety with highly interactive games.

Besides the young, Timezone is also an ideal space for family, parents and children to have fun together. The centerpiece at City HUB dedicates considerable space and bowling lanes. The children can freely explore more simple games such as picking animals, shooting balls …

Timezone City HUB offers players a diverse portfolio of games. In it, the highlight is the electric supercar fighting floor with fun design, eye-catching colors. With all the elements of speed and power, the electric car crashes bring people on to many interesting experiences.

In addition, thanks to high-tech equipment and quality rubber wheels, parents have confidence in the safety of the car for their children.

Timezone also spends a large part of its space for kids with games like fishing, picking up stuffed animals or dialing. Under the guidance of parents and staff, the kids won and won many coupons.

One of the must-try games at this center is bowling. Unlike conventional bowling models, the bowling lane here is minimized, allowing players to easily control the ball and knock down all 10 pins. With this fun bowling version, players can comfortably join the game without changing specialized shoes.

After the exciting experience, players can return to the check-in counter area to sum up the bonus points. This is the part that brings a lot of excitement to the players. With the gift-exchange area well-invested and many valuable items, everyone can choose for themselves one and bring “booty”.




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