In Korea, you will never have to eat alone
Perhaps rare countries have a special place for cuisine like Korea. There is no need to be a genuine movie, just watch any movie from Korea, you can 
also feel the strong vitality of Korean cuisine in all aspects of life. From Dea Chang Keum of the Chosun era, A reply of the '94 or Let's Eat of modern
times, food has always been its soul no matter the circumstances.

Like the Vietnamese, Koreans are a community that values ​​community, which is most evident through meals. Remembering the early days in Reply 1994, 
mother Il Hwa - with her talent in cooking is always "over-the-top", has pulled 7 seemingly alien children with family meals. Without those first meals,
there would be no burnout children in college life, no long nights of memories, and no 20-year old friends.
In Korea, both in film and in real life, you will never have to eat alone!
Food is sharing. The harmony will shorten the distance in any relationship
As one of the four Asian dragons, Korea is leading the growth rate compared to other countries in the region. This means that their lifestyles change, 
people get caught up in work more, pressured, and rarely share. That somewhat fierce picture makes Koreans more aware than ever of the value of sharing 
in real life - typically a reunion meal.

First of all, the table is always decorated with a grill or hot pot in the middle, side dishes placed around. The number of side dishes is customized 
by the cook, but usually increases by the rule of 6 for breakfast, 12 for lunch, and up to 20 for dinner. Koreans love colorful, eye-catching dishes and
harmonious color combinations, mixed with the green of vegetables, seaweed, the deep brown taste of meat, red and yellow dotted with kimchi and eggs. 
"I will eat well" is counted as a thank you, and the sound of sagging, breathing loudly will be the most sincere gratitude to the cook.

During the crowded meals, the cultural reunion of Korea is depicted more clearly. Nobody kills themselves, they will grill for the other person, for 
the senior, for the person they love first. Each piece of meat is carefully grilled and flipped only once - Koreans believe that it is the most 
important factor to keep the deliciousness of the meat, just cooked well but soft and has a certain moisture. Perhaps that is why the dish is not too 
fussy, but has a more delicious feeling thanks to the preparation from the hands of people who love it. Each piece of meat is prepared with respect, and
the knowledge of the owner, you will see the mother's hand, or the "ajuma" in the family swiftly cut the meat - this needs to be cut. thick but suitable
for the mouth, the other one needs to be sliced ​​thin, each piece is lean enough, fat enough to be in the right tone. Perhaps that is why the dish is not
too fussy but has a more delicious feeling thanks to the preparation from the hands of people who love it.
Cuisine draws people together and breathes into them a spirit of "belonging".
The specialty of Korean culture is hierarchy. Nowhere is the relationship above - below, seniors - juniors are as highly regarded as in the land of 
ginseng. If you go out for a meal with a colleague, most of your supervisor or the oldest will be responsible for paying you. Different from the 
"ostentatious" perception of outsiders, this cultural practice stems from the concept of 정 (Jeong), which means that adults have an obligation to take 
care of those younger than themselves. It is a feeling of being protected, being responsible, showing one's concern for others. 정 will not exist when 
people stand outside a family, a group. 정 appears only when an individual finds himself attached to, or bonding with, people they love.

In Reply 1994, there was a scene of freshman Sam Chun Po, Hae Tae, Na Jung, Bing Grae, Joon Jin going on a picnic with the same course. After a night of
eating and drinking, they blend in like never before! Here, with the small group of girl Masan Na Jung, tiny Joon Jin, hometown brother Sam Chun Po and 
transport boy Hae Tae, the meal gathering is not a delicacy, but has confirmed them. No longer a "minority". They belong to a community. So believe me 
when I say that every brand that wants to do business in Korea is a brand that is "reckless". They not only need to prepare delicious food, but more 
importantly, they have to bring the greatest value of a Korean meal - that is the feeling of "belonging". It is not easy to be sincere enough as the 
inherent spirit of reunion, but also to round the flavors of the dish is not easy, but definitely needs to be present as the Korean people think.
The culture of Korea and Vietnam has many strangely similarities, and the most obvious point is perhaps the culture of reuniting at every big and small 
event in life. No need to look far, just looking from the last World Cup season with the resounding victory of the French team is enough. Koreans often 
liken watching a soccer match to enjoying a barbecue. Emotions come to us by the suspense, excitement, waiting for the opening whistle to ring as well 
as the expectation of a delicious meal when choosing each sauce, marinating each delicious piece of meat. Each qualifying match gives us a lot of hope 
for our beloved team to reach the top of glory, like the feeling of waiting for a delicious piece of meat to be placed on the grill.
The moment of shaking the net of the decisive goal was created by so many tactics and challenges, perhaps equivalent to the feeling of enjoying a 
delicious piece after the full marinade. One is king sport, the other is a basic element of life. Two things seem unrelated to each other, too, meet at 
the intersection of the name of the feeling.

Like South Korea, Vietnamese culture emphasizes the value of family and the role of meals, clearly shown through the usual family tray, special days 
such as Tet or housewarming, full months. Lai rai, bubbly are the adjectives commonly found in large meals, and when you're fed up with the usual 
traditional flavors, Korean barbecue is the best choice. It is no exaggeration to say that, a delicious meal has the power to connect people together. 
And for a long time, for generations, a delicious meal was synonymous with a proper barbecue.
With a grill in the middle, kimchi, premium beef, salt tweezers, beef ribs, mixed green vegetables will make people unable to take their eyes off, and 
the aroma of the sauce will surely make everyone the heart cannot refuse no matter how far away it is. Somewhere we see the sweet flavor of sesame oil, 
hot BBQ sauce, rich sauce on the tip of the tongue. The space to experience the dish is not fussy, just the traditional Korean wooden tables, the tiled 
roofs like to bring us back to the old village of Bukchon, where Korean mothers really are preparing every piece of delicious meat, each The panchan 
bowl was full for her kids. Having eaten Korean food, of course, it is necessary to enjoy with a true Korean spirit, right?

Is a delicious barbecue at GoGi House really as magical as I'm talking about? Take the words of Keith Ferrazi to close this story: “When it is 
difficult to start a relationship, rely on people who can become connections in your network and never go out. me. Food is a great way to get into the 
story and meals are a great time to warm up or lay the foundations for a new relationship.








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