Crazy Monday – The second day full of expectation for food lovers Vinh

Date Submitted: 24 July, 2020

To reschedule, every Monday at the beginning of the month, diners flock to Golden Gate Vinh restaurants to experience Crazy Monday “crazy Monday”. What’s so exciting these days that keep customers so excited? On Crazy Monday, customers will be satisfied with their culinary passion with a buffet “can’t be cheaper” at restaurants belonging to Golden […]

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Shogun – A new discovery place for diners Vinh

Date Submitted: 23 July, 2020

Among hundreds of different eateries, Vinh diners have a new place to enjoy new, street-style barbecue dishes from the land of cherry blossoms. Located in the leading shopping mall in Vinh – City HUB, bustling youthful, the barbeque with furniture imported entirely from Japan and a new space has quickly attracted the attention of culinary […]

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Date Submitted: 15 July, 2020

In Korea, you will never have to eat alone Perhaps rare countries have a special place for cuisine like Korea. There is no need to be a genuine movie, just watch any movie from Korea, you can also feel the strong vitality of Korean cuisine in all aspects of life. From Dea Chang Keum of […]

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